Divorced couple’s art collection earns 67 670 million in one evening

The ل 676 million has been raised overnight from the artwork included in the McLeo Art Collection at the Sudhbiz Niyal Ghar in New York City, USA. It also includes a painting by American painter Mark Rothko, which sold for more than کروڑ 80 million. According to the AFP news agency, this was the most prominent auction of the fall of 2021 in New York City which lasted for more than two hours.During this time all 35 works of art in the collection were sold. Four of them were auctioned off for more than کروڑ 50 million. Two hundred to three hundred people were allowed to participate in the auction held at Sudhbez headquarters. Earlier, several auction seasons were held online due to the Corona virus epidemic. The two artworks were being touted as the most expensive items of the evening. In the end, however, Mark Rothko’s painting was auctioned off at the highest price. The painting was paid ڈالر 82.4 million, including fees and commissions. Mark Rothko’s painting surpasses that of the Swiss artist Alberto Jakomiti. The Sudbiz administration said that both the works of art were bought by Asian collectors. The most-anticipated sale of two paintings by Andy Warhol, a master of pop art, was also in New York. His famous painting ‘Nine Marilins’ sold for 47.3 million. This is a series of works of art star Marilyn Monroe’s face painted in black and white.His second painting, Sixteen Jacks, sold for 38 33.8 million. It features American author Jackie Kennedy.Whose Mail Lou Collection?In 2018, real estate agents Harry McLeo and Linda Berg divorced. The couple had an impressive art collection called McLeo, which was up for auction in Sudhbiz.On Monday night, 35 of the 65 works of art in this collection went on sale. The rest of the artwork will go on sale in 2022 at the next auction season.However, by earning کروڑ 676 million in one evening, this collection can break the record of 2018 Rockefeller Collection.The Rockefeller collection sold for 83 835 million at the British auction house Christie’s.

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